Whiteface Reservoir

Whiteface ReservoirMinnesota Power currently has available 1, new, large lakeshore lot for lease on Whiteface Reservoir. The lot is part of Shoreland Traditions® Harris Bay Subdivision on Whiteface Reservoir.

The Lot is ready for viewing and is identified with signs at the road and lakeshore. This lot has a septic system which was installed in 2003 as well as dug post ready for a 26x38 cabin. You are encouraged to visit the lot.

Minnesota Power financing is available at 25% down with the balance financed at 8% for 5 years.

Lots are issued for seasonal use but year-round occupancy is allowed after proper installation of water and sanitary systems. You do not have to build on our lots; however, about 1,100 of our 1,200 existing leaseholders at other lakeshore managed locations have chosen to build. Minnesota Power's Shoreland Traditions® has been in existence for over eighty years. Leases, including those for lots in the Harris Bay Subdivision, run until February1, 2041, and are renewable at the option of MInnesota Power.

If you have questions about Minnesota Power’s ShoreLand Traditions® Premier Managed Lake Lands, please contact the ShoreLand Traditions® office at: