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Lakeshore community


Welcome to a northern Minnesota lakeshore community tradition, long-established and managed for seventy years by Minnesota Power. Lakeshore lands owned by the company, in association with hydroelectric power operation, are leased for home and cabin sites by generations of northland families.

Long-term managed leases of up to 30 years, with options to extend the term, sell and transfer, have created real and personal values equal to or greater than fee-owned properties.

With Minnesota Power as the residing manager of the area lands, the community of lakeshore residents is protected from environmental harm, visual impacts, neighboring conflicts, and are assured continued management for the preservation of vast stretches of shoreline, wildlife enhancements, and public recreation facilities.

If you are new to the idea of long-term managed leases, we welcome you to explore a bit about the program’s tradition in the About Us section in this homepage. For our leaseholders: welcome back to your homepage! Enjoy the timely information and links to other sites of interest.







ShoreLand Traditions :: Newsletter, June 2014

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