Fall Lake

Lakeshore communityDirect access to the BWCAW (with permit)
Offered for a 30-year, renewable lease term under
Minnesota Power's ShoreLand Traditions®
Lots are staked, signed and ready for viewing!

Please call our ShoreLand Traditions office, at 1-888-526-3648 if you need more information about this special offer.



  • Rent is 2.5 percent of lot value, subject to change throughout the term of the lease
  • Offers must include the choice of Fall Lake East or Fall Lake West, lot number(s), price(s) being offered, specify terms, name, daytime phone number, and address.
  • Minnesota Power financing is available at 25% down with the balance financed at 8% for 5 years.
  • Minnesota Power reserves the right to reject any and all offers.